Our Story

Around 6 months ago, a former Paratrooper and Falklands Veteran who faced the double whammy and all too familiar scenario of suffering from PTSD and homelessness approached us with an idea to release a charity single to promote awareness of these issues and the growing rate of suicides within our veteran community. If the Song and CD was successful and there was any monies to be raised, they would be distributed to a group of smaller charities who were not widely known or well funded, in a nut shell, who provided, direct, immediate and critical support for veterans facing homelessness, mental health, PTSD and addiction problems.

Paratrooper Tony Ferguson had the original idea of a charity song. Initially the group was to be called Veterans Aid as it was based on the “Band Aid” concept where numerous unrelated people would get together and sing for the greater good of all Veterans. We decided that a cover of “He Aint Heavy, He’s my Brother” would send a poignant message. We subsequently discovered that we could not use the Veterans Aid name as it was already a registered charity in England.

The Charity Veterans Aid have been very supportive throughout with help and advice. A short time ago we decided to approach “All Call Signs” a charity who provided a peer to peer service for veterans and who successful launched the “Beacon Alert” system via social media to immediately alert as many people in the UK as possible that a vulnerable veteran was missing, and encourage people to search for the veteran and possible save his life. The name “All Call Signs” encompassed exactly what we wanted to achieve with the CD – all services, every man woman and child coming together to prevent further tragedy.

All Call Signs were delighted for us to name our band “All Call Signs” and came on board with us as one of the beneficiary charities. Anthony Stephen Malone and Donna Armstrong are directing the project and we have asked Nicki Mortimer and her company “All Call Signs Production LTD”, to Coordinate and administer PR, Press enquires and the financial and project administration side of the project, i.e. ensuring that any funds generated from the download link go into a dedicated “All Call Signs Charity Single” holding account to be distributed equally to the 12 selected charities involved, minus an administration fee and relevant expenses.

On July 9th 2019, Veterans and their children were joined by the international singer and Forces Sweetheart Kirsten Orsborn in a recording studio. Kirsten has continuously supported the Forces and Veterans charities for 11 years. Kirsten was adopted by The Royal Marines Association as their sweetheart in 2014 at the age of 17, followed by the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in 2018. Kirsten regularly visits the Royal Hospital of Chelsea to perform and chat to the pensioners she now likes to call her friends. February 2019 Kirsten voluntarily travelled to the Falkland Island to perform for the serving and ex veterans along with the children and families living there. Kirsten is very proud to be the patron to Minds at War and The Homeless Veterans Project.

The recording studio, Blue Fire Productions owned by Charlotte Bailey in Leeds who advised on the project and was a key element in the production and promotion. James Beaumont and Max Russell sound engineers helped structure the recording. The Group has now come together under the brand name “All Call Signs”. The song and cover version of the song “He Aint Heavy, He’s my Brother”. SAS Legend Rusty Firmin is the Patron of the Charity record. Rusty, Donna, Anthony, Kirsten and other Veterans sang the song with the backing of the children and supporters of soldier who were killed in action while serving their country… Veterans Helping Veterans, Actions Not Words…

Kind regards The “All Call Signs Team”.